Creating a User

You can use Certinia Foundations to streamline the process of creating Salesforce user records. User details are stored in Foundations as user information records, which enable you to update a user record based on a scheduled job.

To create a user:

  1. Navigate to the Create User tab. You can access this tab from the User Management app or from a link on the Foundations & Integrations Task Launcher.
  2. Select one or more personas to determine role-specific information to apply to the user, such as permission sets, permission set groups, and licenses.
  3. Enter the user’s first and last name.
  4. Check or update the alias. By default, the alias is populated from the first letter of the first name and the first four letters of the last name.
  5. Enter the user’s email address.
  6. Check or update the username. By default, the username matches the email address you provided.
  7. Select a profile for the user.
  8. [Optional] Enter the name of the company associated with the user.
  9. Enter the user’s time zone.
  10. Enter the user’s address details.
  11. Specify whether you want to create a password for the user and notify them straight away. By default, the option to generate a new password is selected.
  12. Click Create User. A Salesforce user record is created automatically with the details provided.