Modifying User Management Templates

You can view details of user management templates and the data they contain from the User Management Templates page. You can also create new templates and add extra data to the templates from this page.

If you need to edit a template or its data or delete templates or template data, you can do this declaratively from Setup. You can easily navigate to the relevant metadata record from the User Management Templates page.

To modify a user management template:

  1. Navigate to the User Management Templates tab. The list of templates is displayed.
  2. Depending on the record you want to modify, do one of the following:
    • To edit a template label, delete a template, or convert the template to a persona, click the template label link on the template that you want to modify. The template metadata record is displayed. For more information about personas, see Converting a User Management Template to a Persona.
    • To edit a template data label or delete template data from a template:
      1. Click in the template row that contains the data that you want to modify and click View Template Data. A list of data linked to the template is displayed.
      2. Click the template data label link on the row that you want to modify. The template data metadata record is displayed.
  3. Modify the custom metadata record declaratively to edit or delete the metadata record, as appropriate. For more information, see the Salesforce Help.
    When you return to the User Management Templates page, the changes will be visible.

We recommend that you add new templates and template data from the User Management Templates page rather than directly from Setup. You can create personas from the Persona Workbench tab.