Creating a Persona

A persona is a user management template that is created from the Persona Workbench tab. Personas are available when creating a new user from the Create Users tab and enable you to quickly apply common permission details required for their role.

To create a persona:

  1. Navigate to the Persona Workbench tab. You can access this tab from the User Management app or from a link on the Foundations & Integrations task launcher.
  2. Specify a name for the persona. The name provided must be unique and not match any existing user management template labels or names.
  3. Select the permission type that you want to add to the persona:
    • Permission Set Group
    • Permission Set
    • License
  4. Select the rows for the items you want to add to the persona. The counts for the selected items are displayed at the top of the grid.
  5. Repeat Steps 3-4 to apply more items to the persona.
  6. When complete, click Save. The persona is saved and all fields on the page are reset.
  7. [Optional] Repeat Steps 2-6 to create a new persona.

The persona is saved as a user management template record that has the Persona checkbox selected to indicate that it was created from the Persona Workbench. Each permission entry related to the persona is stored as a separate user management template data record.

If an error occurs when creating permission entries that would result in an empty persona being created, the persona is deleted automatically.

If you want to add more permission details to a persona after it's been created, you can do this by locating the persona record on the User Management Templates tab and adding additional user management template data records to it. For more information, see Adding User Management Template Data to a Template.