Creating User Information

User information records control what information or action is applied to the Salesforce user record when you run the Apply User Information scheduled job. For example, you can automatically create, activate, or deactivate a user record and apply or remove permissions and licenses.


When creating a new user, we recommend that you use the Create User tab rather than manually creating a user information record. This process automatically creates user information records, which you can use to update an existing user. For more information, see Creating a User.

To create user information records:

  1. Click New on the User Information tab.
  2. Enter the information for the Salesforce user that you want to create. Leave the Salesforce User field blank when creating users.
  3. Set the status of the user information record, depending on what action you want the job to take:
    • To create and activate a Salesforce user record, select "Pending Create".
    • To update an active Salesforce user record, select "Pending Update".
    • To deactivate an active Salesforce user record, select "Pending Deactivate".
    • To activate a deactivated Salesforce user record, select "Pending Activate".
  4. Click Save.
  5. [Optional] In the Assignments section, click New User Information Assignment. Assign the user management templates appropriate for this user then click Save. See Creating User Management Templates for more information.

When you have created the user information record, you can assign a user management template to your user. User management templates enable you to quickly apply permission sets, permission set groups and licenses to a particular type of user.

If you do not want to assign a user management template to the user, you can skip this step and run or schedule the Apply User Information job. For more information, see Creating or Updating Users with Foundations User Management.

Note: When you save changes to a user record, Foundations updates the status to “Pending Update”. This ensures that the user record is included when the Apply User Information scheduled job is run.