Importing User Information

You can prepare your user information records in spreadsheets and then upload them using the Salesforce Data Loader or Data Import wizard.

Tip: If you are assigning user management templates to your user information records, we recommend you upload this data in a separate spreadsheet once you have successfully uploaded your user information records.

See the Salesforce Help for more information about the methods that you can use to upload data to your org. Once you have uploaded or updated existing user information records you can then create Salesforce users for them by running the Apply User Information job.

  • An upload file must be a .CSV file.
  • To update, activate, or deactivate existing users, the file must contain the Salesforce ID of the user in the Salesforce User column.
  • Each username in the file must be unique.
  • You must select the User Information data type from the Custom Objects tab to import User Information.