User Management App

The User Management app enables you to create and update Salesforce user records on your Salesforce orgClosed Salesforce organization. You can choose to use templates, which allows you to quickly and easily respond to changes to your user access requirements in Salesforce and Certinia applications. Such changes can include new starters, career progressions or temporary promotions. For example, you can create a Billing Clerk template, with a specific permission set, for a user and a Billing Supervisor template, with a different permission set, for their manager. You can then apply the Billing Supervisor template to the user if they are successfully promoted, or they are required to cover a leave of absence. You can work with permission set groups rather than permission sets if you prefer.

The User Management app uses the Salesforce Custom Metadata Types to enable you to create templates that determine the way in which each user is set up. Several metadata types are provided with the User Management app that enable you to:

  • Set the Salesforce user profile
  • Assign licenses
  • Assign permission sets and permission set groups
  • Compare and merge field and object level permissions using the Permission Workbench tab

User Information records determine the Salesforce users to be created or updated. You can optionally assign one or more templates to be applied to a user. You can also remove template assignments.

Once the records are set up you need to run the Apply User Information scheduled job to update or create the Salesforce users.

You can apply templates to existing Salesforce users even if they were not created with the User Management app.