Foundations Apex API Developer Reference


global interface DataTargetRoot extends DataTarget

A base repository of target objects, used to locate and manipulate existing targets and create additional ones.

This class extends fferpcore.DataTarget



DataTargetWork createWorkScope()

Return Value

The work scope responsible for committing any changes.


TargetObjectMap queryByKeySet(Set<Object> keySet)

Locate any existing target objects with the given keys. This method must be called within a fferpcore.DataTargetWork scope.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
keySet Set<Object> The keys to search for.

Return Value

A map of the located target objects by their respective keys.


HasAccessResult hasAccess(List<String> keyPath)

Determine if the user has access to configure data at the given key path.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
keyPath List<String> The key path to verify access for.

Return Value

A result stating whether the user has access, and any associated errors.

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