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global inherited sharing class ImportDatabaseRequest

This class represents a request to import a single record via the Import/Export service.



Available options for an fferpcore.ImportDatabaseRequest

Value Description
CREATE Create a new record. This will modify the unique data if it already exists.
OVERWRITE Overwrite the record. This will completely overwrite any existing record on the org.
IGNORE Do not import the record.



global void setOption(fferpcore.ImportDatabaseRequest.Option option)

Sets the action that should be carried out when importing the parent DatabaseRequestContainer

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
option fferpcore.ImportDatabaseRequest.Option The option to select.

Exceptions Thrown

Value Description
Exceptions.ImportExportException An exception is thrown if the option is not valid for this request


global Set<fferpcore.ImportDatabaseRequest.Option> getValidOptions()

Gets the set of valid options for this request.

Return Value

A set of valid options for this request.


global Set<String> getMessages()

Get a list of contextual messages pertaining to this import request.

Return Value

A list of messages.


global String getName()

Get a name to identify what record this import request is importing

Return Value

A name.


global String getDescription()

Get the description of the record to be imported

Return Value

A description.


global SObjectType getSObjectType()

Get the SObjectType for this database request

Return Value

An SObjectType

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