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global interface TransformMapping

A mapping used by the transform service to populate data on the target record from data on the source record. It is also used by the FDN Mappings component to define managed mappings that cannot be changed by the user.

The following implementations exist for common use cases:

  • FieldTransformMapping
  • ChildTransformMapping
  • StaticTransformMapping
  • LookupTransformMapping
  • TableTransformMapping



List<MessageDescription.Node> getNodes(fferpcore.Context sourceContext)

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
sourceContext fferpcore.Context The context that identifies the source object available to the mapping.

Return Value

The message nodes that dictate how the mapping obtains the data from the source object.


SubscriptionMapping getSubscriptionMapping(List<String> messageKey)

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
messageKey List<String> The message keys of the message nodes.

Return Value

The subscription mapping that dicates how the mapping updates the target object.

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