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global with sharing class InMemoryObjectSObjectTransformReq extends DeclarativeTransformRequest

An extension of fferpcore.DeclarativeTransformRequest to support mapping in-memory objects to sObjects.

This class extends fferpcore.DeclarativeTransformRequest



global InMemoryObjectSObjectTransformReq(List<fferpcore.TargetObject> sourceObjects, String sourceCorrelationField, SObjectType targetType, String targetCorrelationField, String process)

Create a InMemoryObjectSObjectTransformReq.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
sourceObjects List<fferpcore.TargetObject> The list of in-memory objects containing the source data to be processed.
sourceCorrelationField String The name of the field on the source object that uniquely identifies the source record.
targetType SObjectType The sObject type of the target in which the result of the transformation will be stored.
targetCorrelationField String The name of the field on the target object that uniquely identifies the target record.
process String The name of the mapping process containing the required managed or custom mappings.
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