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global inherited sharing class TaxCalculationComponentSettings

Contains the settings information for a single component within the tax calculation system. A component could be the tax provider or a settings extension.
This class is no longer required as the TaxCalculationSettings Visualforce page is deprecated.


Name Type Description
General String Saves the general settings information for the component.
Secret String Contains the secret data for the component such as passwords. On read this has the value '*' if secret data exists, or null if there is no secret data. The stored secret is never returned.
SecretModified Boolean Indicates whether the secret data was set or changed and is to be saved. The value is set to true even if the secret data is set to the same value by code.



global TaxCalculationComponentSettings(String general, String secret)

Constructs a complete fferpcore.TaxCalculationComponentSettings object.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
general String The visible data for the component.
secret String The secret data for the component. Foundations masks this information when creating the TaxCalculationComponentSettings for the user interface. This is used to help prevent secret data being revealed on the user interface or through attacks on the user interface.
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