Foundations Apex API Developer Reference


global with sharing class SequenceService

This class provides methods to query and interact with the Foundations Sequencing Engine.



global static fferpcore.SequenceService.GetSequenceFieldsResponse getSequenceFields(Set<Schema.SObjectType> sObjectTypes)

Queries for fields that are controlled by the Foundations Sequencing Engine for a set of given SObjectTypes.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
sObjectTypes Set<Schema.SObjectType> The set of SObjectTypes to query for sequencing fields.

Return Value

A response that contains the enabled and disabled sequence field for the queried SObjectTypes.


global static void updateSequencesAsync(fferpcore.SequenceService.UpdateSequencesRequest request)

Request that sequences be updated for the given records. Asynchronous processing is used to avoid contentions.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
request fferpcore.SequenceService.UpdateSequencesRequest The request containing the record IDs to sequence and additional configuration.


global inherited sharing class UpdateSequencesRequest

Request to update sequences on specific records.


Name Type Description
RecordIds Set<Id> IDs of the records on which to populate any sequence fields.
AllowChunking Boolean If true then allow the service to limit the amount of records it processes into a managable size. Any unprocessed records will be returned as a new Request with intent to resubmit for asynchronous processing.
IsOverflow Boolean Diagnostic marker to allow the developer to monitor overflow events from the event handler.



global UpdateSequencesRequest(Set<Id> recordIds)

Construct a standard request for the given record IDs that does not allow chunking.


global interface GetSequenceFieldsResponse

Interface returned by SequenceService.getSequenceFields(Set<Schema.SObjectType> sObjectTypes).



List<Schema.SObjectField> getEnabledSequenceFields(SObjectType sObjectType)


List<Schema.SObjectField> getDisabledSequenceFields(SObjectType sObjectType)

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