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global with sharing class VirtualDataObjectTargetMappingDescriber implements SubscriptionDescriber2

A fferpcore.SubscriptionDescriber2 that utilises fferpcore.VirtualDataObjectTargetMapping metadata records to generate the mappings necessary for the description and marshaller.

This class implements the following interfaces:



global void init(fferpcore__MessagingSubscription__c subscription)

Initialise the describer with data from the record.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
subscription fferpcore__MessagingSubscription__c The subscription SObject.


global fferpcore.SubscriptionDescription2 getDescription()

Return Value

The context and mappings of the subscription. Necessary to display the subscription in the user interface.


global fferpcore.LinkingMessageToTargetObjectMarshaller getMarshaller()

Return Value

The marshaller responsible for applying the messages to the target objects in the DataTargetRoot.


global fferpcore.DataTargetRoot createDataTargetRoot()

Return Value

The DataTargetRoot containing the target objects the subscription will manipulate.

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