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global interface SubscriptionMapping

A strategy to marshal data from the message to the target object.



void prepare(fferpcore.DataTarget dataTarget)

Prepare the given fferpcore.DataTarget for this mapping. For example, ensure a required field's data is available.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
dataTarget fferpcore.DataTarget The collection of TargetObject to prepare.


void performImmediateActions(fferpcore.ApplyMappingRequest2 request)

Applies information from the fferpcore.DeliveredMessage to the TargetObject. This is called before performBulkActions.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
request fferpcore.ApplyMappingRequest2 The mapping request to be applied by this mapping.


void performBulkActions()

Called after all messages have been processed, to allow the fferpcore.SubscriptionMapping to perform any bulk actions.


void disableOutputTo(Set<String> fieldNames)

Allows mappings to be superseded by providing the set of fields that later mappings write to. A fferpcore.SubscriptionMapping must not write to a field if it was provided in this set.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
fieldNames Set<String> The TargetObject fields that are written by later mappings.


Boolean isDisabled()

Return Value

True if the mapping is disabled.


Set<String> getTargetFields()

Mappings must override this method to indicate which fields they can affect.

Return Value

The set of field names on the target object populated by this Mapping.


List<List<String>> getMessageKeys()

Mappings must override this method to indicate which keys they use from the message.

Return Value

The message keys read by this SubscriptionMapping.


String getTransformTableId()

Return Value

If this Mapping has a Data Transformation Table then the ID, otherwise null.


Boolean isDeclarative()

Return Value

True if the SubscriptionMapping is a custom addition, false otherwise.


void setDeclarative(Boolean value)

Mark the fferpcore.SubscriptionMapping as declarative or not.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
value Boolean Whether the SubscriptionMapping is declarative.


List<SubscriptionMapping> getChildren()

Return Value

Any child SubscriptionMapping that this SubscriptionMapping contains.


Boolean canHaveChildren()

Return Value

True if this SubscriptionMapping may have children.

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