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global inherited sharing class RecordIdTransformSourceData extends TransformSourceData

An implementation of fferpcore.TransformSourceData to support using SObject record IDs as source data in the transform service.

This class extends fferpcore.TransformSourceData



global RecordIdTransformSourceData(Set<Id> recordIds)

Create a fferpcore.RecordIdTransformSourceData instance.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
recordIds Set<Id> The IDs of the source SObject records to be processed.


global Set<Id> getRecordIds()

Return Value

The IDs of the SObject records.


global SObjectField getSourceCorrelationField()

Return Value

The provided source correlation field.


global fferpcore.RecordIdTransformSourceData withSourceCorrelationField(SObjectField sourceCorrelationField)

Specify the field that uniquely identifies the source SObject records in order to identify existing target SObject records.

Input Parameters

Name Type Description
sourceCorrelationField SObjectField The SObject field that uniquely identifies a source SObject record.

Return Value

The RecordIdTransformSourceData instance to allow further method calls.

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